IN 30-MINUTES: Understanding Subchapter V

On Wednesday, September 14, 2022, Nauman Smith bankruptcy attorney, Ted Benchik, and firm partner, Craig Staudenmaier, presented a 30-minute free webinar on the latest streamlined solutions for small businesses looking to reorganize debts – Subchapter V.

Nauman Smith began hosting these half-hour webinar sessions in the spring of 2022. Each webinar in this series is thirty minutes with the intention of delivering concise, yet comprehensive, content that brings real solutions to the real challenges facing our business community.

The full recorded session can be viewed below or on YouTube.

For more information on Subchapter V or to learn how Nauman Smith’s Bankruptcy Law practice group can support your legal needs, please reach out to Ted Benchik via email at or by phone at 717.236.3010 ext. 126.

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