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IN 30-MINUTES: A Guide to Election Access

The political climate in Pennsylvania has never been so heated. On Tuesday, October 4, 2022, Nauman Smith Right-to-Know & Media Law attorneys, Craig Staudenmaier and Joshua Bonn, were joined by Jim Parsons and Melissa Melewsky to discuss access for journalists this election cycle. The full recorded session can be viewed below or on YouTube… Read On

Guide to Transparency in Pennsylvania Elections

Featuring open seats for Governor and the U.S. Senate, Pennsylvania’s 2022 general election will be the most closely observed non-presidential election in a generation. The Pennsylvania Election Code provides access to an array of election records such as ballots, returns, and voter rolls. To ensure timely access to election records, journalists and other observers must know certain nuances of Pennsylvania law… Read On

IN 30-MINUTES: Understanding Subchapter V

On Wednesday, September 14, 2022, Nauman Smith bankruptcy attorney, Ted Benchik, and firm partner, Craig Staudenmaier, presented a 30-minute free webinar on the latest streamlined solutions for small businesses looking to reorganize debts – Subchapter V. Nauman Smith began hosting these half-hour webinar sessions in the spring of 2022. Each webinar in this series is thirty minutes with the intention of delivering concise… Read On

Deploying Your Digital Defense

On Wednesday, April 28th, Nauman Smith partnered with Enders Insurance to present a free webinar tackling the topic of cybersecurity and how business owners can feel empowered to face this growing threat head-on. This event was the first in a series of free webinars being coordinated as part of Nauman Smith’s yearlong celebration of its 150th Anniversary… Read On

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