Nauman Smith provides advice and other legal services to municipalities in central Pennsylvania.  We serve as solicitors and/or special counsel to townships, boroughs and zoning hearing boards.

Our municipal work requires a close collaborative relationship with public officials who grapple with the challenges constantly facing local governments in Pennsylvania.  For municipal lawyers, such working relationships are sustained through great attention to detail and timely performance – hallmarks of Nauman Smith’s professional credo.

A successful municipal practice requires various legal skills, including:

  • handling land development projects,
  • drafting of ordinances and contracts,
  •  managing procurement issues,
  • addressing complicated real estate and tax issues.

By experience and temperament, we are prepared to prosecute or defend civil law suits involving our municipal clients.  We are also prepared to actively engage in all manner of administrative proceedings – from informal disputes with PennDOT, to DEP enforcement actions and adversarial hearings before the Public Utility Commission.

The needs of our many clients place us on the cutting edge of topical municipal law matters such as the Right-to-Know and Sunshine Laws.  For more information see our Right-to-Know Law Practice Group.  We also help municipalities address problems with aging infrastructure and regulatory compliance, a concern to all Pennsylvanians.

When it comes to municipal law, Nauman Smith is ready to offer insightful guidance and timely service.