Nauman Smith Managing Partner Wins Five-Year Fight for Open Records Case

Staudenmaier reacts to decision requiring PSU to disclose Paterno, other salaries

HARRISBURG, PA. – Nauman Smith Managing Partner Craig Staudenmaier, who represented the Patriot News in its five-year fight requiring PA State Employees Retirement System to release the salaries of Football Coach Joe Paterno and others, is available to comment on the PA Supreme Court’s decision.

“The Supreme Court’s decision certainly illustrates the immediate need for strengthening open records laws in Pennsylvania,” Staudenmaier said. “The public has a Right-to-Know how its money is spent. These employees openly chose to be members of the PA State Employees Retirement System, which requires disclosure.”

The decision comes just as the PA State Senate is scheduled to vote on a version of “open records” legislation this week.


Mr. Staudenmaier is available for interview and reaction.

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