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The New Normal: What it means to Postpone and Cancel events

The “new normal,” might have been the number one term of the past year. Part of the “new normal” is issuing refunds for canceled or postponed events. Even almost two years into the pandemic, events are still being canceled or postponed. In May 2020, as the “new normal” was still developing, Attorney General Josh Shapiro urged businesses to honor their promised refund policies for trips that were canceled because of COVID-19 closures… Read On

Disability Accommodations for COVID-19 Long-Haulers Under the ADA

Recent guidance released by the Biden administration raises an important issue for human resources professionals and business owners already facing an influx of COVID-related accommodations requests amidst an evolving pandemic this year. As organizations contemplate bringing employees partially or fully back into the workplace, they must be conscious that some employees returning to work may suffer from the long-term effects of COVID… Read On

Rights to Public Information Under the Sunshine Act During COVID-19

Although the vaccination process for COVID-19 has begun in the United States and other countries, some have estimated that it could take until mid-summer for enough of the United States to be vaccinated to allow a greater return to normalcy.  As such, many of the moves to remote business are likely to continue for a considerable time… Read On

Can Employers Require Employees to be Vaccinated for COVID-19?

With the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine, a host of questions about who may receive the vaccine and when have arisen.  One such question that some employers are losing sleep over is whether or not they can require their employees to be vaccinated.  This question will not be definitively answered for some time.  As long as the employer can show… Read On

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