Firmwide Legal Excellence

The Central Penn Business Journal launched a new program this year to recognize legal excellence across the region. Individuals and law firms had the opportunity to nominate legal professionals for a variety of categories. Nauman Smith is proud to announce that four of our colleagues are being honored as part of the 2021 Legal Excellence Awards.

Spencer G. Nauman, Jr.

Spencer G. Nauman, Jr.Lifetime Achievement

Benjamin C. Dunlap, Jr., Partner at Nauman Smith Law Firm

Benjamin C. Dunlap, Jr.Leader in Law

Jessica Porter – Paralegal

Whitney H. Sherbocker, Administrator at Nauman Smith

Whitney Sherbocker – Law Firm Administrator

The firm looks forward to celebrating these successful careers and the individuals who contribute their knowledge, experience and integrity to helping Nauman Smith remain in pursuit of excellence, always. 

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