Guiding Businesses Safely To Shore

As corporate demands shift to adapt to the many economic challenges facing the market, Nauman Smith believes there is a need for time-tested counsel surrounding organizational formations, closings and all of the decisions in between that keep business owners awake at night. Thus, the firm is pleased to announce that as it celebrates its 150th Anniversary serving this region, Nauman Smith has expanded its legal practices to now include Bankruptcy Law.

Leading Nauman Smith’s Bankruptcy Law practice area is Ted Benchik. Benchik moved to Central Pennsylvania from South Bend, Indiana in January of 2021 to join the firm. He brings with him 30 years of experience representing debtors and creditors in chapters 7 and 11 cases involving the banking, manufacturing, and warehousing industries including the acquisition of assets from bankruptcy estates. Nauman Smith also advises its clients as to non-bankruptcy reorganization alternatives including loan workout agreements, compositions and forbearances.

“There’s something that happens when you’re sitting across from a business owner for the first time and mapping out a way past the current struggle,” reflects Benchik. “Sometimes people have a hard time imagining that they can come out the other side and things can be better. My job is to encourage our clients to push through. There’s a lot of room to be inventive in bankruptcy law. This isn’t, ‘If you’ve done one, you’ve done them all,’ type of work. Each bankruptcy case is unique and presents its own opportunities. We find solutions so that businesses can keep going.”

Nauman Smith recognizes that filing for bankruptcy and dealing with the challenges on both the debtor and creditor side of the law can be extremely taxing on all businesses and individuals involved. The firm approaches each of its clients with professionalism and humanity and strives to be a pillar of excellence to support them through the process from beginning to end.

For any business owners navigating these difficult waters and contemplating how to get through, please contact Ted Benchik at


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