Nauman Smith Attorney Represents Morning Call in Dash Cam Video Suit

Last week’s release of the dash cam video of a routine traffic stop by state police that turned into a frantic gun battle along Route 33 in Northampton County was the result of action by The Morning Call which sued to have the video released to the public. Prosecutors initially declined to make the video public, though it was introduced as evidence during the trial of defendant, Daniel Clary. In a motion filed July 27 on behalf of The Morning Call, Joshua Bonn wrote that given “the public’s overwhelming right to access judicial records,” there was no compelling reason to withhold the video. The Morning Call sought access to the dash cam video because the attempted homicide of two state troopers and Clary’s allegation that the troopers used excessive force are of great concern to the public in the current environment, said Theresa Rang, the newspaper’s interim editor.

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