Nauman Smith Attorney Successfully Represents National Railroad Company

Nauman Smith Attorney Craig J. Staudenmaier successfully represented a national Railroad company recently in a Federal Employer Liability Act case involving an employee who claimed he was injured when a piece of automated equipment he was operating allegedly failed. The employee claimed permanent, career ending back injury. The 5-day jury trial in Dauphin County resulted in a verdict in favor of the Railroad.

“The jury found that my client had not been negligent in any manner.” Mr. Staudenmaier said. Nauman, Smith, Shissler & Hall marks its 130th year of service to the Pennsylvania Railroad industry this year. From its beginnings in 1871, the firm has been active in every major area of rail litigation and regulatory development, including two recent Pennsylvania Supreme Court decisions favorable to railroads involving federal preemption in crossing accident cases and affirming the enforceability of cost allocation contracts in rail crossing cases.

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