Nauman Smith Attorney Publishes Article on Fair Labor Standards, Overtime Issues

Nauman Smith Attorney Benjamin C. Dunlap Jr. recently published an article about the importance of employers being in compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) or face the prospect of costly law suits.

The article, titled What You Don’t Know Could Cost You $18 Million, appeared in the October edition of Business2Business Magazine.

In recent years, employers such as Starbucks, Bank of America and Rite Aid have paid $18 million, $22 million and $25 million respectively to settle FLSA claims by employees who claimed they were improperly designated as exempt from the FLSA overtime requirements.

Employers who have misclassified employees and denied overtime payments are liable for double damages, comprised of the amount of overtime pay the employee should have received, plus an equal amount in liquidated damages. The employer is also liable for all attorney’s fees and costs incurred by the employee in recovering the denied wages.

Dunlap’s primary areas of practice are employment, public utility law, administrative, media, and business law.

Founded in 1871, Nauman Smith continues to build upon its rich tradition of legal scholarship and service in Harrisburg.

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